Start-up Visa Canada 

The Start-Up Visa program grants permanent residence to immigrant entrepreneurs while assisting them to become established in Canada.

The program encourages immigrant entrepreneurs to grow their companies in Canada. Successful applicants link with private sector organizations in Canada, where they can receive funding, guidance and expertise in opening and operating their enterprise in Canada

Minimum Investment : ( $70,000  to $100,000) 

Includes Main applicant,  Spouse and all Children under 22 years old.

Eligibility Requirements

The purpose of this program is to recruit innovative foreign national entrepreneurs who will create new jobs and drive economic growth.

In order to be eligible, to apply, applicants for a Start-Up Visa must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a Qualifying Business or a Business Idea

  2. Sufficient Transferable Settlement Funds.

  3. Proficiency in English or French at minimum Canadian Language Benchmark level 5.

Letter of Support

The applicant will receive a letter of support from the investment organization, which the applicant will need to submit with their application for permanent residence. If there are two or more applicants as part of the same business venture, the commitment by the investment organization can be conditional upon one or more “essential persons” receiving their permanent residence. An essential person is someone who has been specifically identified as essential to the business by the investment organization.

What happens if the business fails?

You will be able to keep your Canadian permanent residency even if their business fails in Canada.

Business Start-Up Free Evaluation Form

Start-up Visa Form