Canada is committed to keeping families and spouses together with the Spousal or Common-Law sponsorship programs, where eligible partners can obtain permanent residency in Canada within a 1 year passing period.

In-land Spousal Sponsorship Program

If you and your spouse are currently living together in Canada on a valid study permit, work permit, or visitor’s visa, you can apply for inland spousal sponsorship if one of you is a Canadian PR or Citizen. The sponsored person may be eligible to apply for a spousal open work permit at the same time you submit for inland spousal sponsorship, which will allow them to work  in Canada while their application is processed.

Out-land Spousal Sponsorship Program

The outland spousal sponsorship pathway gives spouses or common-law partners the chance to apply for permanent residence while living abroad. The sponsored person may still obtain a temporary visa to travel to Canada while their application is under processed.

The outland sponsorship stream is  chosen when the sponsored person is living outside Canada.It is possible for a spouse/common-law partner living in Canada to apply through the Outland program as well. This option may allow the sponsored person to travel in and out of Canada throughout the application process. However, it is  Canadian immigration authorities decision as to whether the sponsored person may re-enter Canada during the process or not.

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